Monday, January 19, 2015

January Miscellany

Nathaniel's eyes seemed to have turned from blue to hazel.  What do you think?

Nathaniel is walking a lot now, but he will still drop to his knees and crawl if he wants to get somewhere fast.  He is getting faster and steadier on his feet.

He is an even pickier eater than he used to be; he will no longer eat peas.  He does like to eat dinosaurs, though.

He likes his new towel from Grandma Jane.  So snuggly!

Megan has had a few temper tantrums lately, and the last time I snapped a photo.  She didn't like having her picture taken at all, but it did help distract her from her tantrum.  I don't know that what she does can accurately be called a tantrum anymore, maybe it is more like a pouting spell.

The girls got into a snowball fight with Nathaniel before all our snow melted.  He thought it was great fun!

The girls built a "pool" in our bedroom and went swimming a few days ago.  They practiced the backstroke and the front crawl and had all kinds of fun.  Nathaniel joined them for a few minutes, but he was mostly interested in knocking the walls of the pool down.

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  1. Looks like they had a lot of fun "swimming." My kids have never tried that before. I remember doing this as kids. Did you introduce this to your kids or did they come up with this idea all on their own?