Sunday, February 1, 2015

Going to the Dells

We pulled the girls out of school on Wednesday to go to an indoor waterpark in the Dells, and we had a fantastic time.  Jeff and Jane came with us again, like they did two years ago, and it was wonderful to get to spend the day with them.  And wonderful to be someplace warm and humid and fun in the middle of our cold and dreary winter.

The girls have made good progress in swimming lessons this school year; they are no longer terrified of going under the water.  They had a great time splashing, swimming and playing in the pools this trip.

Amelia especially liked going in the hot tub, now that she is six years old.  She only stayed in a few minutes at a time, and the lifeguard came over at least once to make sure that she was six.  Megan was disappointed that she couldn't try out the hot tub, but we told her that we could come back once she was six so that she could try it.  Amelia only wanted to go in the hot tub with Grandma and Grandpa, not with me.

This trip, Amelia also discovered the kid water slides.  She didn't want to try them at first, but I forced her to go down the smallest one on the first evening, and then she decided that she loved them.  She went down each slide at least twenty times, I would guess.  She liked to have a grownup follow her down, or else have a race with her on the blue and green slides that ended at the same place.  The lifeguard at the top of one slide got a kick out of how she played in the water at the bottom of the slide before she would get out.

Megan tried the smallest kid slide and said that she liked it a lot, but she didn't want to go down it again.  Instead, she preferred the slide in the shallow pool.

Megan especially liked wearing her floaty and swimming in the "ball pool" with Grandma.  She dog paddled around the 4ft deep pool for hours, it seemed like.

Both girls were excited about jumping into the pool to Grandpa.  Amelia even jumped a few times without wearing a floaty or life jacket, and then would swim either to Grandpa or back to the ladder to do it again.  I was impressed to see that, because neither girl really liked jumping into the pool before this trip.  The first photo is Amelia in mid-jump, and the second is Megan right after her jump.

Nathaniel was such a good sport at the waterpark.  I was a little concerned about how he would take a nap, but as it turned out, that wasn't a problem!  Ben took him on the lazy river and he fell asleep on Ben's chest.  Ben went around maybe six times before Nathaniel woke up.  It was so sweet.

Nathaniel loved being tossed up in the air and caught just above the water so he made a big splash.  He also enjoyed walking around in the shallow pool, and "swimming" in a front crawl position in the deeper pool.  He did NOT like floating on his back.  He also didn't like wearing an infant life jacket, which we tried on him just to see what he would think.

Aren't my boys cute?

Thanks for coming with us, Jeff and Jane!

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