Friday, February 27, 2015

Nathaniel is 15 months!

I haven't written much about Nathaniel lately, but he is doing very well and learning all kinds of new things.  Just like Megan, he loves to be upside down, so here's a photo of upside down Nathaniel:

Yes, he is playing with my phone, which neither of the girls were allowed to do at that age.  Or even now.  Oh well, third child and all that.  He has already figured out how to swipe sideways so that he can look at my photos.  The only game he plays (so far) is the Purina Cat Fishing game that I'm pretty sure is designed for cats.  He's not very good at it.  :)

One day I had just given him a bath, and I let him walk back to his room with no clothes on.  Of course, he stopped at the bathroom door to say hi to the girls in the bathtub, and he peed all over the carpet.  And he's carrying a remote, still one of his favorite toys.

He is still a picky eater, although he will eat some vegetables and most fruits.  But he won't touch any kind of protein except for chicken nuggets, hot dogs, cheese (but only on grilled cheese sandwiches) and yogurt (sometimes).  He did really like Natalie and Noah's birthday cake, though.

As I mentioned, he loves to play with remotes and carry them all over the house.  I helped him up into Ben's recliner the other day, and he was thrilled!

He loves to go down the little slide that is now sitting in the middle of our living room.  He can climb up the back, sit down and push himself down the slide now.  He especially likes to bring a toy up to the top of the slide, then push it down in front of him, then slide down and go get it.  This works especially well with balls.

It is really fun to hear his vocabulary develop, which has been happening in leaps and bounds lately.  I tried to get some videos, but then of course all he wants to do is play with my phone instead of talk.  We have been reading books before nap and bedtime, and he will only allow us to read a few very specific books; he will emphatically push away all other books.  He says "who who" and "roar" from the pop-up animals book, "buhbuh" (bubbles) from the Karen Katz baby flap book, "choo choo" and "choo" (shoe) from the first words book, and "cah" (car) and "boon" (balloon) from the truck book.  That sounds like an awful lot of words for a 15 month old, but he pretty much only says them while we are reading those books.  While going about our day, he says "mama", "bah" (ball), "ma" (more), "ah da" (all done), and sometimes "choo" (shoe) and "cah" (car).  His favorite word is definitely ball.  Oh, and he also makes a very high pitched "ah" sound to refer to a cat.

He likes to play with blocks, and he can even build a short tower all by himself.  He also likes to play with the ring stacker (he can get all the rings on) and try to do puzzles (but he can't get the pieces in right).

And he finally got his third tooth this week, and I believe a fourth one is on they way.  You can't see his third tooth in this photo (it's one of the top front teeth) but it shows off his cute smile.


  1. Such a cutie! I love that he peed all over the carpet when you let him be naked. :) He looks so pleased with himself that he is in Ben's recliner with a remote.

  2. What a smart, adorable baby (toddler?). He's growing up WAY too fast!