Monday, February 9, 2015

Clown'n Around

In case you were wondering why the girls had kitty face paint yesterday....

On Saturday we went to the family carnival put on by Megan's preschool.  I was in charge of organizing volunteers, setting up and cleaning up two years ago, and while we weren't able to go last year because it conflicted with N2's birthday party, I helped organize all the volunteers anyway.  It was nice to be able to go this year and play with the girls, instead of working the whole time.  I ran the color walk game for an hour this year, and helped with the cleanup, but that's all I had to do.   The girls both got their faces painted like kitties; Amelia chose purple (of course) and Megan chose rainbow, which ended up being mostly orange and yellow, blending in with her face a little too much.

The balloon twister was also very popular; the girls picked flowers and Nathaniel got a monkey climbing a tree.  The girls enjoyed playing the carnival games.  They played the color walk game early and got to choose some nice coloring sheets - a Jake and the Neverland Pirates velvetty one for Megan, and a large Anna one for Amelia.  I think I had donated both of those exact coloring sheets, so it goes to show that I know exactly what my girls like.  They colored them as soon as they got home.  The pig race game was popular again, although Amelia was upset that her pig didn't win either time they played.  But Megan was very happy that her pig did well.

When we got home, Nathaniel decided to help me with the laundry by putting his Duplos in the dryer.  He would drop them in, then shut the door (he loves to shut doors), then bang on the door until I opened it.  Then he'd stick the top half of his body in the dryer to reach the Duplos, pull them out, then start the whole process again.  He's so cute!

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