Friday, February 6, 2015

Playing in the snow.... finally!

The girls were thrilled that we finally got some real snow last weekend, and they have played outside in the snow several days this week.  It's been cold out, with windchills hovering around 0 some days, so they haven't been able to play outside for very long, and I've made them stick close to our house so that I can call them in after 20 - 30 minutes.  We got maybe 4 - 5 inches on Sunday (it drifted so much it was hard to measure) and another 3 on Tuesday.  It's dry snow, so they haven't been able to build a snowman, but it's still good for sledding and eating.  :) 

Since they couldn't go to the neighbor's house to sled, and the snow had drifted around our front porch steps, the girls decided to sled right down our front walkway.  They were smart enough to bail before the sled reached the street.

The girls asked me to shovel snow onto the front sidewalk so that they could go faster, so I did.  It felt a little strange to be putting snow onto the sidewalk instead of clearing it off!  The additional snow we got on Tuesday covered up the grass and sidewalk so the sledding is better now.  Amelia was trying to give herself a snow beard like Santa in the photo below.  Megan is bundled up nice and warm, but she always gets cold faster than Amelia does.

The girls and their friendly neighbor girl Aiden brought some snow over to Nathaniel so that he could feel it.  He was curious at first, but did not like the feel of cold wet snow on his fingers.

Nathaniel kept watching the girls playing out the patio door, so I thought I'd take him out to join them.  He was NOT a fan, and screamed the entire time I had him outside.

"It's torture, Mommy!"

When everyone came inside and warmed up, this is what they all looked like:

Amelia was trying to read a book (typical), Megan was trying to climb precariously on things (also typical), and Nathaniel was trying to drink his milk while bouncing on the chair and sitting on his sisters (again, typical).  This is real life in my house.

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