Thursday, February 26, 2015

Amelia's Fashion Show

Amelia and her neighbor friend Aiden, who is 8, have been working on making garbage bag and duct tape clothes.  It's kept them busy for quite a few afternoons when the weather has been too cold to play outside (ie, most of January and February).  They finally finished their ensembles and put on a fashion show for me in the living room.   They made themselves shirts (Amelia's is so short it barely covers her chest), dresses, leggings, and capes.  They were really very creative.

 They call themselves the Dancing Weirdos, and they like to do silly model poses with crazy faces.

The girls asked me to take a few videos, so I did, but I figured I shouldn't post them since our neighbor is featured in them also.  The funniest one was when they were dancing strangely and their duct tape clothes started falling off - thankfully they had their regular clothes on underneath.

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  1. Is Amelia practicing to be a really serious model. She has very interesting poses. I would what Tyra Banks would say!