Thursday, May 21, 2015

Soccer Practice

It is hard to keep Megan and Nathaniel occupied during Amelia's soccer practice, but this week the dandelions were perfect for blowing:

Nathaniel doesn't know how to blow dandelions yet, and every time he tried, he ended up with fluff in him mouth.  Instead, he loved to pull all the fluff off the dandelions and then try to break the stems in pieces.  I tried to take a photo of him, but this is the look I got:

It's pretty clear that he's saying "C'mon, Mom, I want to go run!"  I always bring a soccer ball along to practice because the kids love to kick the soccer ball around.  Sometimes Megan will agree to play soccer with Nathaniel, and sometimes Nathaniel will just walk around kicking the ball as he walks (it's so cute!)

Megan's favorite thing yesterday, though, was picking up maple seeds and throwing great big handfuls of them into the air.  I don't think she's ever had the opportunity to do this before, and she was delighted by it.  We spent a long time picking up the tiny pinkish maple seeds from among the clover and dandelions.

It's possible that Amelia likes soccer practice even more than the games because they usually play a game called steal the ball from the coach, and she loves the challenge.  Yesterday they were practicing dribbling the ball down the field and then passing to another player.  Amelia does this very well when she doesn't have an opposing team charging her.

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