Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Amelia's hair cut

Amelia has been asking for months if she can get her hair cut short.  I told her that she certainly could, but she had to think about it for a few months to make sure she really wanted to.  Two of her good friends have had their hair cut short recently, so I think that's why she wanted to do it.  Plus, she doesn't like to brush her hair because of all the tangles with her curls, and I suspect she figured short hair would be a lot easier to brush.  One of the moms in Megan's Girl Scout troop works at the nice salon in Sun Prairie, and when I asked if I could bring Amelia to her salon, she volunteered to come over to our house instead.  What a great deal for me!  She brought her kids over to play with Megan and Nathaniel, and she cut Amelia's hair in our kitchen.  Amelia got nervous at the very last minute, but decided that she still wanted to go through with it.  Amelia did not like the fact that I had to wash her hair in the sink beforehand, and she wasn't really a fan of the hair dryer:

But she loves her new short haircut, and she loves that it takes two second to brush in the morning.  It doesn't curl under perfectly when it is air dried, and I'm not that great at using a hair dryer and a brush to get it to curl under, but it looks really cute anyway!

She asked me not to post any photos until she got to surprise Grandma Jane last weekend.  And she facetimed with Mom and Dad so that they could be surprised by her short hair, too.  So now I guess I can post a few photos.  :)

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