Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Break in Glenview

Haha, I just found this post that I had written over a year ago about last year's spring break, but I guess I forgot to hit publish.  So here's a recap of spring break 2015 a year later!  This was the first time the girls had been to the Thorne rooms; Amelia tells all her friends who are going to Chicago that they should go to the Art Institute so that they can see the Thorne rooms.  It's her favorite thing to do in Chicago, I think.  In fact, she was just talking about it with her friend Kiersten yesterday in the car.

Our spring break didn't go exactly as planned due to all the kids being sick, but we managed to have some fun anyway.  We were planning to head down to Glenview on Tuesday, but had to delay our trip until Wednesday because Megan and Nathaniel were sick over the weekend.  On Thursday, Mom took the girls and I downtown to the Art Institute, while Dad watched Nathaniel.  Mom had given Amelia a chapter book about the Thorne Rooms called The 68 Rooms, and Amelia enjoyed it so much that she was really excited about going to see them.  We went to see the Thorne rooms first thing, and both girls were enamored with them.  We spent at least an hour looking at all of them, then went back and looked at our favorites again.  Here were Amelia's favorites:

I'm sure she could tell you all about them, but I don't remember exactly which rooms they were, so you will just have to look at the picture.  Just like the main character Ruthie in the book she read, Amelia was hoping that she would find a magic key that she could use to shrink down and get inside the rooms.  Dad gave her a magic pill to take before she went to see the rooms, too, and she believed that it would make her shrink down.  She was so excited!  Sadly, the pill didn't work, and she didn't find a magic key, but she enjoyed looking at the rooms anyway.  Megan did too, although she wasn't quite as obsessed as Amelia.  I believe Megan liked the Eiffel tower room best:

The girls had a map that listed a few of the highlights of the museum, so we went looking for some of them.  We saw the Chagall windows (Amelia is dancing in front of the window representing dance):

I liked this Klee, and thought it was something that we could try doing at home over the summer:

Amelia thought this piece was funny, and she decided that she could make something like it at home.  It was titled something like "Wood with Number 1"

We spent a while in the Modern Art wing, and the girls looked at this painting for a while:

Amelia said she thought the painting made more sense upside down.  We all saw different things in it, it was quite interesting.  We walked quickly through the Impressionist wing, because the girls were getting really tired of looking at art.  They did like seeing Monet's haystacks, and Amelia noticed that she had done a waterlily bridge picture in art class, just like this Monet:

Then we went outside and walked over to the Bean.  The girls loved it!

What else did we do in Glenview?  The girls dyed Easter eggs with Grandma:

We got to watch the house next door getting demolished, which the kids thought was really exciting.  Nathaniel was thrilled to get to see big trucks working:

And we celebrated Easter with the Weidners, the Hayes, and Grace.

Easter was lovely until Amelia threw up at the dinner table.  She made it home without throwing up again, thankfully.  She wrote in her spring break journal that she threw up because she ate too much, but I'm pretty sure it was just the same virus that Megan and Nathaniel had had the weekend before.

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