Friday, May 13, 2016

Hootie Hustle

The girls' school had their fun run on Wednesday, called the Hootie Hustle.  Thankfully, the schedule had second grade and kindergarten running back to back, so Nathaniel and I went for two hours to watch both of the girls run.  Amelia had run 27 laps last year, and so she set her goal as 30 laps this year.  She ended up running 33 laps, so she was very proud of herself.

The organizers made sure to take a class photo after the race, so I snuck over and took one, too.  That's the principal, Mr. Briggs, in the pink shirt behind the class, and Amelia's teacher, Mrs. Lutz, in the black shirt on the right side.

Here's Amelia with her good friend Kiersten after the race:

I was a little concerned about Megan running laps, because her allergies have been bothering her since she was in Glen Carbon last weekend, and she's been coughing more than normal.  We've been giving her Zyrtec every day, and I brought her inhaler along just in case.  I suspected that she would run a few laps, start coughing, and then give up, but she surprised me.  I was helping mark laps for all the kids, and after nine laps, Megan came up to me coughing, saying that she was having a hard time.  So I pulled her aside, gave her her albuterol inhaler, and let her rest for a minute.  After that, she wanted to get back to running, so she took off and didn't stop until they called time.  She ended up running 29 laps!  She had wanted to get 30 laps, and was very disappointed that she was so close, but I told her that having to stop for her inhaler cost her a lap, so really, she would have had 30.  I think that made her feel a little better.

I did see Megan walking a couple times, especially after she stopped to get a drink of water.  One time I got this photo of her walking and chatting with one of her friends.  It was cute.

 Megan's teacher had all the kids sign each other's shirts in Sharpie, which I thought was a fun idea.  Here's Megan and her best friend Maddie after the race:

And they took a class photo of Megan's class, too, with Mr. Briggs and their teacher, Ms. McKeith.

Thanks to both sets of grandparents who pledged money to the girls for their school! 

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