Monday, October 24, 2016

Last Day of School

I'm going to be like Becky and start catching up on some of the posts I missed this year.  Because this is a daunting task, I'm going to start with a post that will be short and sweet with very few photos (for me, at least.)

The girls loved school last year (kindergarten and 2nd grade), and they were so sad on the last day.  I took a few photos in the morning before school, because I love to try to get photos of the two girls together.

I asked them if they were going to be sad when school was over, and if they could show me their sad faces.  Megan refused to participate, and gave me a fairly natural smile, while Amelia overcompensated with a sad pouty face.

When I picked them up from school in the cafeteria at lunch time, Amelia was already crying, and Megan was feeling very sad indeed.  I got a photo of each of them with their teacher; Amelia had Mrs. Lutz and Megan had Ms. McKeith (who I absolutely loved).

Because I love to torture them, I took another photo of their sad faces before we drove home to start our fun-filled summer vacation:

And Nathaniel (still in his jammies, people!) photobombed the photo near the school sign:

 Even though you may not think it based on their attitudes, we had an awesomely fun summer!  And they did cheer up once they had lunch, a little bit of quiet time, and some outside play time.  But I'm sure the same thing will happen again next year...

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