Monday, October 24, 2016

Olympics - Field Events

After everyone showered and had lunch, we moved on to field events.  First came the long jump. I think we tried the standing long jump first and then the running long jump (I believe I have the photos in the right order).  It took the kids awhile to get the hang of running and then jumping.   I like to see all their different techniques.

Then came the high jump.  Taller kids clearly had an advantage over shorter kids, but they all had fun jumping.  I love the motion shots with the hair flying!

Even Brian gave it a try:

Then they revisited fencing for the third time.

Dad fenced with Noah and let Noah mortally wound him.  Everyone thought his dramatic death scene was very funny.

Then we moved outside for shotput.  The kids mostly threw the ball in the right direction, and nobody got clocked on the head (although there were a few close calls)

Then we tried discus, using a hula hoop.  Noah's first shot landed in the neighbor's yard, so he was the clear winner.

And finally, the kids attempted pole vaulting.  Noah had a hard time getting the hang of how to use the pole, probably because we demonstrated it in a right-handed way.  It was funny to watch:

Everyone else had fun pole vaulting, too:

 Ok, I found some more photos, so I'm updating this post.  The kids also tried javelin:

And who could forget about the marathon!  We had no idea how long to make the marathon, so we sa... --- WAIT!  I have to take a break so that I can try to by Cubs World Series tickets for Becky!!! ---- I HAVE SUCCEEDED!  Becky and Brian are going to the World Series!

Okay, sorry, back to your regularly scheduled program....

We said the kids had to run ten laps around the house, which turned out to be nowhere near enough.  So we made Amelia (and maybe Noah) run a couple more laps, which they thought was unfair.

Their favorite part of the marathon was the water table.  I think they stopped almost every lap to get a drink or throw water on their heads.  Natalie especially loved getting wet.

They also loved getting to throw their cups away as they ran.

Here is a photo of the tired marathon runners:

And then they went back to riflery.  Thank goodness they were only using water guns!

Wait, where's Natalie?  Haha, here she is!

I think that was the last of the Olympic events.  It was a busy couple of days!  We did the following events:
4 x 1/4 lap around the house
1 lap around the house sprint
disc golf
rhythmic gymnastics
synchronized diving
synchronized swimming
long jump
high jump
pole vault

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  1. Did you notice Becky's face when she was holding the bar?