Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Choosing Pumpkins

After school today -- I know, right?  I'm actually doing a post on something that happened TODAY, instead of something that happened a few months ago!  Anyway....

After school today, I took the kids to pick out pumpkins. 

We ended up at the same farm we went to three years ago, but thankfully it was a lot warmer today, just over 50 degrees, and not snowing.  Of course, I went to get Nathaniel out of the carseat and realized that he was wearing his slippers instead of his shoes.  So he couldn't walk around to pick out his pumpkin.  Instead, we found a wagon to pull him around in.  He is wearing a Lightning McQueen shirt, socks and slippers.

All the kids picked out their pumpkins pretty quickly, even though the girls had told me in the car that they were going to look at every pumpkin until they found the perfect one.  The girls picked out traditional pumpkins, but Nathaniel chose a warty one.  I love his pumpkin!  Megan claimed hers was too heavy to carry, which is why she's making a whiny face.

They had a cute little photo spot all decked out with pumpkins and other fall stuff, just like they did three years ago.  The girls each wanted to pose with their pumpkins.  They chose their own poses.

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  1. What beautiful fall backdrops! Love those pumpkin poses!