Friday, April 28, 2017

Dandelion Photos

The dandelions seemed to be out earlier than normal this year, due to our exceptionally lovely April weather.  I took the kids to the strip of grass outside the girls' school that was entirely covered with dandelions, and I told them that if they posed for photos quickly and smiled nicely and were good listeners, they could play at the park afterwards.  It was a beautiful day, they cooperated well, and we were done with photos in about 3 minutes.  So much different than last year!

I swear my girls brushed their hair in the car on the drive there, but it was pretty windy that day.  Or at least that's my excuse.

And finally, one of all three kids together where everyone is looking at the camera and nobody has a goofy face.

This is the sixth year I've taken dandelion photos in Wisconsin, and it's fun to look back and see how the kids have grown up.   Here's late April 2016, May 4, 2015, May 21, 2014, May 13, 2013, and April 14, 2012.  I took these photos on April 25th, so spring is definitely a little early this year.

And a few of Nathaniel's outtakes:

The girls didn't act goofy, so I don't have any silly photos of them this year, just a whole bunch with their eyes closed.


  1. Great pictures! It goes so much better when the cooperate!

  2. Beautiful! I've learned to love dandelions ever since you started putting those precious kids in these pictures!

  3. Great pictures of your kids! Natalie's hair is the same way :)