Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beautiful Wildflower Photos

Just kidding!

It's time for our annual photos in the dandelions! 


Nathaniel was NOT a fan of laying in the grass!

Then we spent at least an hour picking flowers and enjoying being outside.

We saw and listened to birds (barn swallows, sparrows, goldfinches and red-winged blackbirds, but the only one we could identify by sound was the mourning dove), we smelled flowers (the girls do not like the smell of dandelions), and we felt the wind.  Amelia made up a poem:

I feel my flowers
I feel a breeze
I feel the sidewalk
I feel the trees

We ran into a few problems this year with the dandelions, because the city mowed the grass at our park the day that I was planning on taking the photos (last Friday) and then they mowed the grass again on Monday, the next day I had planned to take photos.  The grass is growing quickly here, but that seemed a little ambitious for the parks and rec department.  Plus the weather has been wacky - either cold and raining or too bright to get good photos.  So we ended up walking to the prairie area across the street and taking the photos there.  The dandelions were a day or two past their prime, so I couldn't do a shot with dandelions in the background, but the girls still found plenty to pick.  It was a bright and sunny cloudless day, so I brought along an umbrella to provide some shade, but it turns out that bringing a rainbow colored umbrella will result in some interesting colored light on children's faces.

Last year we took dandelion photos on May 13 and the year before on April 14, so spring is clearly later this year than in the past.

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