Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nathaniel is six months old!

I can't believe Nathaniel is six months old already!  He is such a sweet baby - he's almost always happy!

He loves being held or having his sisters play with him.  He was a little unsure of Grandma and Grandpa when they arrived on Thursday, but he warmed up quickly.

What else does Nathaniel like?  He loves to stand up!

His leg muscles are really strong - when I hold him on my lap, he bounces himself up and down until my arms get tired.  He also loves it when I bounce him and then make him fly in a move we call rocket ship baby. He likes to sit in his bumbo for short periods of time, but he hasn't figured out how to sit up on his own yet.  I took him outside a week or so ago and put him in his bumbo so he could feel the grass. He was fascinated, and then he made this funny face:

Ben's Grandma Marion thinks that Nathaniel is always happy, and that's definitely not true.  But he generally only fusses when he's really tired or when he wants to be picked up.  This evening, for example, he started screaming while I was cooking dinner and put him in his gym, and then he fussed a little throughout dinner, even though I was holding him.  He also still fusses when he's made to do tummy time.

He can roll over both ways now, so tummy time usually doesn't last long.  Although if he rolls from his tummy to his back a few times, and I keep putting him back on his tummy, it's almost like he forgets how to roll over, and just stays there fussing.  He's starting to scoot around a little - on his head!  He can get a few feet away, scooting entirely off his blanket and making his way across the room to where I am (or where some interesting toys, books, or non-baby items are).

Nathaniel is getting very good at grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth.  He really likes Captain Calamari, his electron orbital duck (although Ben and Jeff decided it should more accurately be known as "possible electron cloud duck" or "quantum duck"), his squeaky giraffe, and his taggie blanket.  He is always happy to chew on fingers or knuckles, hair, clothes, and even cords.  (I was holding the cord so that he couldn't get it into his mouth, and I took it away right after this.)

When he's sitting on my lap during meal time, he spends a lot of time reaching for the food on my plate.  Today he managed to stick his fingers in a stick of margarine that we were using for corn on the cob.  He also tried really hard to grab a piece of my steak; Ben said "That's my boy!"  I thought that meant Nathaniel would be interested in eating solid food, but he does not enjoy oatmeal so far.

Nathaniel has discovered his feet this month; when he is laying on his back, he often grabs at both feet.  Even when he's sitting in my lap, he likes to grab at his feet.  The fact that it has warmed up recently probably helps - he can finally see his toes after almost six months of wearing socks.

He consistently takes at least one good nap a day - sometimes that means two normal two hour naps, but sometimes it means one nap over three hours!  He generally still wakes up once at night, although he went through a stage last week where he slept through the night for a week.  I know I should put a stop to it, but he's just so sweet that I keep going in to him.  Plus, now that he can scoot around, he usually is fussing because he's wedged himself in the corner of the crib and is hitting his head.

Nathaniel has already grown out of this adorable hat - he has quite a large head, I think!  He is starting to wear 6 - 9 month clothes.  We have his six month checkup this coming week, so then we'll find out how much he weighs.  

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  1. He is so cute! That hat fit Noah in the summer after he was born so that was less than 6 months old. Maybe Nathaniel has a bigger head than Noah!