Monday, May 26, 2014

Megan Monday

I decided that it was time for Megan to have her very own post on this blog, and so I asked her what she wanted to say about herself, and she said "I love my sister!"

She and Amelia can play together very nicely for hours, especially when they can play outside in the sandbox or the fairy garden.  If they are stuck inside, you can often hear Megan declaring "Amelia, sisters are for playing, not just reading!"  Megan is very loving to everyone, especially to Nathaniel.  She loves to tuck him in, wake him up, help him get dressed, hold him, give him toys and play with him.

Oh, and sometimes she tries to eat his head...

She has recently started feeding him oatmeal.  Megan likes to feed Nathaniel more than Nathaniel likes to eat.  After the first time she fed him, I had to remind her exactly how far we put the spoon in the baby's mouth, but other than the one time she hit his gag reflex, she's done a great job!

Sometimes Megan likes to pretend to be a baby, too:

 It is very difficult to get photos of Megan, because when she sees the camera come out, this is what she likes to do:

And if she's not being silly, she gives the evil eye:

 She had a concert at preschool two weeks ago, where they sang "Five Little Monkeys".  When they sang the same song at the Christmas concert, Megan covered her ears and started crying, so we had to go right home.  This time, she sang along happily and did all the actions.  I was so proud of her!  They sang a few other songs, too.

I am trying to be better about getting videos of the kids, so I asked Megan a few interview questions the other day.

Megan loves to dance around, and she asked me if I would take a video of her dancing with Sophie the stuffed cat.  She claimed that Sophie liked this, but I'll bet she had a headache afterwards!

It's 8:15 in the evening, and Megan just got out of bed and came into the living room to tell me she needs another blanket on her bed.  Now, since it's 75 degrees in the house, I asked why she needed another blanket, in addition to the Tinkerbell fleece blanket that is currently on her bed.  She told me that she gave her fleece blanket to her kitty, and so she needed one for herself.  I told her she should go to bed.  She asked me why.  I said because it was bed time, and put her back in her bed.  That kind of sums up Megan's personality - independent, creative and strong-willed.

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  1. That is some loud noise of her cat hitting things in the living room!

    I like how you could hear Megan at some points of the alligator song because she was one of the few singing. Great job Megan!