Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

We continued our May Day tradition of taking flowers to the girls' teachers, but, since we have only 8 daffodils blooming in our yard this spring, we had to buy flowers again.  The girls picked out this brightly colored bouquet at Costco, and it was so nice and cheerful on this cold and rainy day.

When I took a look at the photos, I asked Amelia why she had such a funny expression, and she told me it was because she wanted to look like a chipmunk.  I think she succeeded!

Megan's teachers put their May baskets on the art table and had the kids draw still life pictures as one of their centers.  Megan doesn't often do the art center, but she did today.  Here is her drawing of a sunflower:

 Here are photos from the last two May Days; last year was a little warmer than this year, but the year before was beautiful!

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