Friday, March 16, 2012

Learning New Skills

Amelia loves to ride Jorja's old scooter.  She keeps one foot on the ground to push herself, so she doesn't go very fast yet (thank goodness), but she has figured out to balance.

On a side note, I think this is my favorite outfit that she has ever put together.  In her mind, the shirt has pink in it, so it clearly matches the pink jumper.  And the shirt also has purple in it, so you have to wear the purple tights with it.  Love, love, love her mind!

Megan loves to ride Amelia's tricycle.  She tries to pedal when I am pushing her, but her feet still slip off the pedals.  She prefers to push herself along with her feet, although she often runs off the sidewalk into the grass and gets stuck.

On a side note, I love this outfit on Megan!

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