Friday, March 2, 2012

Megan's newest word is "Pah". Can you guess what it means?

That's right, it means potty!  Megan loves to sit on the potty, but mostly she loves to pull the toilet paper out and throw it in the toilet.  Thankfully she can't rip it herself, so we haven't ended up with a clogged up toilet yet.  If I ask Amelia if she needs to go potty, Megan will look up attentively, open her eyes wide, say "PAH!", pull on her pants, and go charging for the bathroom.  Sometimes she even adds in "PAH!  Poop!" but that doesn't seem to mean that she needs to go poop.

(She doesn't actually go on the potty, and I have no intention of potty training her this early, but I figure it's a good sign that she likes to sit on the potty, right?  And it's great that she knows what a potty is for, too.)

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