Friday, December 7, 2012

Going to see Santa

We drove over to Hilldale mall after lunch today to go see Santa.  Amelia has been asking when we're going to see him; I think she was worried we might forget!  The Hilldale mall has a cute little setup and I could take my own photos.  Definitely worth the drive.  The girls sat on a little stool in front of Santa, which was nice because then nobody freaked out about sitting on his lap.

Amelia was pretty outgoing for her; she told Santa that she wants a Tinkerbell doll and a jump rope for Christmas.  When Santa started talking to Megan, she was feeling a little shy, so Amelia jumped in to tell Santa Megan's name.  With a little prompting, Megan did tell Santa that she wants a pony, a small pink pony.  I think Santa's elves are going to interpret that as a pink My Little Pony.

We walked around a little while in the mall and came across a gingerbread house display.  The girls liked seeing what all the houses were made of (the roof made of fudge stripe cookies was a big hit) and looking for fun things like a Chiquita Banana gingerbread girl and people sitting around a pretzel stick campfire.

The girls' favorite house was the one with UFOs crash landed on the roof and in the garage.  It was crawling with aliens:

The blue house was covered with sticks of gum, and the roof was made of Nestle crunch bars.  I think the aliens must have been molded fondant, they were very cute.  We also liked the train station with a train that had Oreo wheels:

They thought the huge gingerbread man display was also very fun, especially the gingerbread kids on the see-saw and the one doing a headstand.

We spent so long looking around that we completely skipped naptime, but it was worth it.  On the drive over, Amelia asked if there was only one Santa; I asked her what she thought, and she said yes.  So we left it at that.

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