Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

Amelia's school was cancelled as early as yesterday afternoon, and I'm so glad they didn't make everyone try and drive in this weather.  We have 11" of snow already, and the blizzard warning just started!  As soon as Amelia woke up, she wanted to go play outside, but I made her wait until later in the morning to see if the wind would stop and the snow would die down (it didn't).  In front of our screen door, the snow had drifted almost up to Megan's waist!

Megan wasn't a fan of standing in or playing in the snow, and she especially hated the sled.  But she did love eating the snow!  She ate that huge snowball all the way down to a little ball.

Amelia, on the other hand, loved sledding all by herself.  It was hard and slow going for her, since the snow was so deep and so heavy, and she was the first one sledding.  She eventually got a pretty curvy track made where she could build up some speed.  But she tipped over a lot, too!

And she had to stop every time to grab a bite of snow:

I told them we'd go back outside after naptime to make a snowman, since this is perfect snowman snow. 

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