Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

I was working on folding laundry on Sunday morning, and the girls asked if they could decorate our tree.  I told them we had to wait until I could go out to buy more lights, because two of our light strands failed this year.  So this is what they did while they were waiting:

They decorated our tree with mini plastic dinosaurs.  It was so cute!  Amelia says the one in the photo above was trying to climb the tree.

Both girls enjoyed putting the real ornaments on the tree this year.  Amelia didn't need much help at all, and she spread her ornaments out quite a bit.  She liked to stand on tip-toe and reach up high to place her ornaments.  She was also very excited about both finding and hiding the pickle.  She said her favorite ornament was my little pipe-cleaner ballerina that I got as a child.

Megan needed help putting hooks on her ornaments, and she tended to hang all her ornaments on the same few branches (which are now dragging on the ground).  But she helped for a long time!

Amelia liked pretending to be Santa, but did not want her picture taken!

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