Thursday, December 13, 2012

Playing Hooky

We pulled Amelia out of preschool on Tuesday to go to Chula Vista indoor waterpark in the Dells.  It was so much fun to be inside swimming and playing while it was snowing outside.  Amelia said "This is so much fun!  Now that you know that I like this, we should come here all the time!"  I wish we could!

We had the waterpark almost all to ourselves, which was fantastic.  We spent most of our time in the tot pool, which had warm water that was only 2 feet deep at the deepest, and had two different water slides and lots of spouting fountains to play with.  Amelia went down the blue waterslide over and over again:

Neither girl wanted to try standing under the buckets of water, but they thought it was so funny when Daddy would get a bucket dumped on his head:

Amelia figured out that she could aim the water fountains, and she enjoyed trying to hit Grandpa:

Megan liked to splash and kick at the edge of the pool and "swim like a fishy" (walk on her hands) in the shallow parts.

After we'd played in the tot pool for a while, we convinced the girls to get in the deeper pool (4 feet at the deepest).  Amelia wanted to wear a life jacket, and she was pretty comfortable paddling back and forth between the adults without holding onto anybody.  We also tried out the lazy river (the girls did not really like it):

And the kids refused to try out any of the bigger water slides; they were too small for the big ones, and they would have had to go down the kid ones by themselves, so it was understandable that they didn't want to.  But the adults had fun!  Ben rode the most times, and the girls liked watching him come out the end and make a big splash:

Jeff, Jane and Ben went down the racing waterslide a few times.  The first time, Amelia thought Grandma would win, and Megan was rooting for Grandpa, but Daddy blew them both away.  The second time, Amelia switched to Daddy and Megan switched to Grandma, and Daddy won again.  We were surprised at how fast they went!

We went to the Moosejaw for lunch, and the girls enjoyed seeing all the animal heads with Santa hats on the walls.  Amelia loved wearing her moose antlers, and they enjoyed their lunch of chicken antlers and tater stars:

We already decided that we're going to play hooky again one day next winter!

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