Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Mom and Dad spent the weekend with us last weekend, and Becky brought Natalie and Noah up for the day on Saturday.  It was such a fun way to celebrate my birthday!  Mom brought along a three layer chocolate cake, which was delicious, as always, and the girls helped me blow out my five candles (Amelia decided that there should be five, I have no idea why).  Nathaniel looks like he wants a piece, but as the girls say, "No teeth!"

At lunch, Megan needed help getting the last of her bean soup of out her bowl, so she asked Grandma to help her. That made Natalie think that she also needed help, so Amelia jumped at the opportunity to feed Natalie.  The girls are very excited about getting to feed the baby solid foods in a few months, and feeding Natalie was good practice.

The kids dressed up to play "Elves on the Shelf" in the basement, which is a game they had invented when the Weidners came up in December.  I don't know what they do in their game other than sit on our window ledge...

They all love to dress up!

They spent a fair amount of time putting Grandma in a jail made out of blocks - I have no idea why!  Then they played quite a few rounds of Hullabaloo - thanks, Kim, that was a fantastic present!  When they started getting a little rowdy listening to the game voice tell them what to do, Becky decided to give them funny actions, like a conga line, or really hard Twister-like suggestions.

When they started getting a little too rambunctious, we sent them outside to play.  They started fighting over a stick, so Mom gave them each a big spoon and they decided to dig in our mostly melted snow piles.  These photos make me think they are in a chain gang.  :)

Becky gave me a scarf made by her sister-in-law, but she told me I had to choose the color myself.  I had the kids model the scarves so I could decide which one I liked best.

Amelia lobbied hard for her brown, pink and white scarf, but I ended up choosing Natalie's pink and gray one.  I wore it to church on Sunday, and I thought it looked very nice.  It was so much fun to see everyone!


  1. So glad your kiddos are liking Hullabaloo. It's a big hit here, too! Looks like you had a great time with family. I love seeing pics of the cousins playing together! So fun!

  2. I think I picked 5 candles because it looked nice :)

    I love the first picture of all of them wearing scarves-Noah's expression and stance are priceless and I LOVE Megan's expression! They all dress up so nicely!