Monday, March 17, 2014

The Zoo!

Finally, we had a nice weather day!  Last Monday it got up to 56 degrees, so Ben left work a little early and we headed to the zoo.  There weren't a whole lot of animals out, but we didn't even have an hour before the zoo closed, so it worked out perfectly.  The otter was doing backflips, so we stood and watched him for quite some time.  The girls said he was their favorite animal this trip.

You may have noticed - the girls aren't even wearing coats!  That's right - it was warm enough to just wear a hoodie!  We saw a guy wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and a girl wearing only a spaghetti strap sundress, but I was the mean mom who made the kids wear fleece.  As always, the girls also really liked the prairie dogs, who were digging burrows in the few non-snow covered spots in their exhibit.

The zoo had a new animal - an aardvark!  The girls weren't too interested in him, but I thought he was pretty interesting.

And although I keep saying "the girls", we did bring Nathaniel along with us.  He was very good in the stroller while we were walking around, but as soon as I tried to take a photo of him, here's what happened.

Because most of the animals weren't out, we spent a lot of time playing on the statues and peeking through the cut-outs.

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