Monday, March 24, 2014

Nathaniel is four months old!

Nathaniel is still a pretty easy baby, but his sleeping has gone down hill this month.  He wakes up at least once each night, anywhere between midnight and 5:30am.  And his daytime napping is hit or miss.  Some days he'll take two 2 hour naps, one day he took one 3 1/2 hour nap, but most days he'll sleep maybe 20 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the afternoon.  At least he has figured out how to put himself to sleep, so that I don't have to spend an hour getting him to sleep for a 20 minute nap.

He is smiling a lot now, and holding his head up really well.  He sits very nicely in the bumbo seat, and would rather be held in a sitting position than any other way.  In fact, he usually cries when he his held like a baby now.

He also loves to laugh; he laughs most often when Megan laughs with him, when I lean in and make silly faces, and when I tickle him under his chin.  Sorry the video is upside down!

He really likes to lay in his gym and bat at his windchime toy, or hold onto the links, or try to eat one of the animals on his hanging toys.  Sometimes the gym can last a half hour!

Nathaniel doesn't mind bath time, although I think he'll really enjoy it when he gets to take a bath in a real bath tub instead of in the kitchen sink.  Megan loves to remind Amelia that she and Nathaniel like baths, while Amelia used to hate them and scream and scream.

Nathaniel had forgotten how to roll over for most of this month, so he actually had a chance to do some tummy time (which he does NOT like!)  He just recently remembered how to roll over again, although his limit seems to be four times in a row, and then he'll just stay on his tummy and fuss.

His new favorite thing this month, though, is sucking on his fingers.  His fingers are almost always in his mouth - when he's in the carseat, when he's in the bath, when he's playing....

He is quite a drooly boy, too:


  1. Such a cute baby! I didn't watch the video yet as I am sitting in a hotel room where my children are sleeping.

    Perhaps he is going through 4 month sleep regression. It does exist-mine went through it at night. It lasts a couple weeks and then goes back to normal.

  2. He IS adorable! We resorted to having Ryan take his naps in a swinging baby swing. Not ideal, but he'd nap significantly longer that way. And it wasn't too hard to transition him out of the swinging swing for naps when he got a little older. ANYthing for more sleep, in my opinion! :)