Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Olympics

Amelia and Megan had a great time at Natalie and Noah's Olympic Birthday party a few weeks ago.  Becky came up with such fun games and cute activities, food and prizes!  First, the kids made flags to represent their countries.  Both girls used quite a lot of purple in their flags.

Then they made torches and had a parade:

Amelia said her favorite game was the biathlon, which included skiing around Becky's house wearing Swiffer "skates" and then throwing arrows through a hula hoop target.

Megan said her favorite game was curling:

Both girls liked the figure skating part of the competition:

And they had fun playing toss the marshmallow in the Olympic rings game that Becky made up at the last minute.

Here are the medalists:

Amelia wore her Olympic shirt to school the other day, and told me that one of her teachers asked her if she had been in the Olympics.  She thought that was really silly!

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  1. This is adorable. I'll have to check out Becky's blog for more details. She is so clever. I love the Swiffer skating idea. I'd love that, too!