Sunday, March 15, 2015

Disney World - Wednesday

I was going to try to get all my Disney photos in one post, but it was getting very long, so I figured I better split it into two.  If you're wondering why the girls are wearing the exact same thing on both days, I did laundry at the condo on Tuesday, and so the girls chose to wear their Elsa dresses both days at the Magic Kingdom.

I couldn't get a fast pass to meet Anna and Elsa, so we went straight there as soon as the park opened on Wednesday.  The wait was already posted at 45 minutes, but the girls chose to wait in line to meet them anyway, and the wait ended up being closer to an hour.  They were very patient in that long line; we played a lot of games of I-Spy to pass the time.  They said the long wait was worth it when they finally got to meet Anna and Elsa.  :)  Anna was really cute, vivacious and outgoing.  She talked to the girls about being sisters, riding their bikes in the hall, and building snowmen.  Elsa was a little more cool (ha ha, I'm so funny) but the girls were thrilled to meet her.

Here is what Amelia had to say about meeting Anna and Elsa in her journal, it was the only thing she chose to write about from Wednesday.

Nathaniel was not a very patient waiter, but he did okay.  His problem was that the wanted to explore the line, and I kept having to either pull him back towards me so that he wasn't budging, or pull him along with us when the line moved so that he didn't get left behind.  He did NOT like having to be moved along.  He wanted to keep playing with the bars and the posts and the ropes.

We rode the carousel a couple more times, and I even got to ride a horse once.  Megan had such fun riding her horses; when I was riding next to her, we had a whole conversation about how she was going to name her horse Gracie and that her horse liked to eat apples and carrots.

We saw the Tiki Room show, which I think the girls enjoyed because they like birds a lot.  For the first few minutes, Amelia was trying to figure out if the birds were real or not, and then she announced at the top of her lungs that the birds were fake.  Nathaniel fell asleep, on Ben this time.  When we left the Tiki Room, Jasmine was right across the way, with a pretty short line, so the girls decided they wanted to meet her.

 Everyone but me rode on the teacups again.  The girls rode with Ben because they knew he would spin them FAST!  And we finally got a family photo in front of Cinderella's castle!

After lunch, Amelia wanted to ride the race cars with Grandpa.  I asked Megan if she'd do me a favor and go with me.  Though she refused at first, she ended up changing her mind, but she made me drive.  Those cars were hard to drive!

Megan was a little crabby as we walked through Frontierland, but then she perked up when she saw these birds.  They weren't too scared of people, but they wouldn't let Megan get too close.  We saw these birds all over, does anyone know what kind they are?

Jeff and Jane were kind enough to save a curb seat for us for the Festival of Fantasy parade, while I took the girls to meet Tinkerbell.  The people in charge of the line made a big deal about how the girls were going to shrink down to fairy size to meet her.  I don't think they fell for it, but her little fairy garden was very cute, and they were excited to meet her.  Megan told her that she dressed up like her for Halloween last year.  Oh, and the girls wanted to meet Ariel again so that she could sign their autograph book, so we waited in line for a short time and got to see her again.

The parade was fantastic! We all loved the bright colored floats, all the characters, and the gorgeous costumes on the energetic dancers.

Megan was happy to see the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook and Smee:

This guy was part of Merida's dancing troupe.  He caught sight of Nathaniel, who had been eating a melted chocolate chip granola bar, and couldn't stop laughing at him.  This picture doesn't do him justice, he had melted chocolate ALL OVER.

And we finally got to see Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Minnie!

We went on lots of other rides on Wednesday, including Peter Pan's ride (we were so lucky to only have to wait 5 minutes!), It's a Small World (Nathaniel loved it so much that we rode it twice) , Ariel's ride (we basically got to walk through the entire line), the Seven Dwarves Mine Train (which Megan was brave enough to try, but HATED it, and Amelia was too afraid to go on) and Winnie the Pooh's ride (it had lots of fun things for kids to play with during the wait).

We rode the train all the way around the park in the late afternoon.  It was nice to sit down in the shade for a little while and relax.  Megan got ahold of my phone and took a few funny face photos.  Nathaniel enjoyed sitting with Grandma and not having to wear a seat belt.

Amelia and Megan were getting goofy on the train, playing some kind of tongue sticking out game.

One of our fastpasses was for storytime with Belle.  We had no idea what to expect, but it ended up being a story time that kids could help act out.  Sadly, neither of the girls wanted to participate.  But at the end, they got to meet Belle anyway.

We happened to run into the end of the Main Street Electrical Parade on our way out of the park.  It was packed with people, but we were lucky enough to find a little space where we could watch the end.  It was really cool to see.  I especially liked Pete's Dragon:

Thanks for taking a family photo of us, Jeff!

As we walked over to the gift shop, we noticed that Snow White was outside and the line to meet her was very short.  So Amelia waited in line while Megan was in the gift shop.  Snow White was very sweet!  She even talked with the same kind of high voice that she had in the movie.  She asked if the girls liked to dance and twirl, and when they said yes, they all twirled together. 

Everyone was really tired at the end of the day, so we decided not to stay for the fireworks; we were hoping we could see them from the monorail on our way back to the car.  But it worked out even better - the fireworks started as we got off the monorail, and we got to watch them from across the lake at the monorail station.  They were beautiful!  Nathaniel especially enjoyed watching them; this was the first time he had seen fireworks.

According to Amelia's journal, here is a list of all the things we did on Wednesday, along with some random drawings of bowls of pickles for Grandma and Abby.

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