Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nathaniel Eating

I wondered if Nathaniel would be able to use a spoon on his own, so I gave him a baby spoon and a cup of apple yogurt and waited to see what would happen.

He tried to use the spoon a couple of times, but always wanted to dip the wrong end into the yogurt and then lick it off.  So he mostly ate the yogurt with his hands.  We'll have to keep practicing.  :)

We were at Costco this afternoon and one of the sample ladies looked at my kids reaching for samples of mango orange juice and commented that she had seen a lot of redheads at Costco that day.  Are my kids redheads?  I wouldn't have thought so, but that's the second redheaded comment I've heard in a week.

The girls and I started a list of all the words Nathaniel can say, it was a fun project to work on together.  During the past few weeks, his favorite book was a first words book, with pictures of all kinds of different common objects.  He'd point to a picture, I'd say the word.  Very easy reading.  But it helped him pick up lots and lots of new words; I love the vocabulary building stage that he's starting to get into.  He doesn't use all these words very often, and sadly his most frequently used word is "mm hmmm" for yes.  I was really good at using the word "yes" for Amelia and Megan, but I guess I've slipped a lot with my poor third child.  Anyway, I am documenting his 16 month vocabulary here solely for me, so that I can look back in a year (or given my terrible memory, a week) and remember what he was doing and saying.

Boo (book)
Boo (peek-a-boo)
Boon (balloon)
Caca (cracker)
Choo (shoe)
Choo-Choo (train)
Chook (sock)
Mm hmm (yes)
Bapa (Grandpa)
Paba (puzzle)
Mada (Megan)
Cu you (excuse you)
Ma (more)
Tuck (truck)
Animal sounds: Quack Quack, Moo, Neigh, Urr (elephant)

He also says something for cereal, but I can't figure out how to spell it, and he sometimes says "woo ooo" for a fire truck noise.  I think he'd trying to say strawberry, based on the word book we have and a sticker at Megan's preschool, but he hasn't quite figured that out yet.


  1. Very cute pictures! Where is his bib???? Does he have a small ponytail in his hair?

    I think Amelia and Nathaniel are strawberry blonde but I wouldn't say redhead.

    He doesn't say Amelia just Megan?

  2. You are too funny, Becky! He does not have a ponytail in his hair, he just has curls in the back and sometimes they stick up crazy. No, he doesn't say anything for Amelia, and he doesn't say Megan's name very often either. Amelia's name is harder to say, and she doesn't spend as much time with him, both because she's in school all day and because she's just not as interested in playing with him as Megan is.