Friday, March 20, 2015

Grandpa and Grandma Visit

The kids all had a great time playing with Grandma and Grandpa this week.  Megan says she wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up, and she had a chance to practice on Monday because Grandma brought up a plastic dinosaur skeleton, and Grandpa buried it in our sandbox for Megan to uncover.  Megan used a shovel to find the different bones and a paint brush to make sure all the sand was carefully brushed away.

 Then she took all the bones inside and had to figure out how to get them together.  She needed Grandma's help, because they had to be put together in a certain order.

She was so excited to get the dinosaur all put together.  She identified it as an apatosaurus, but the box says it is actually a brachiosaurus (they are very similarly shaped long-necked dinosaurs).

The jaw can open and shut, and so Megan said that the dinosaur needed to eat some leaves because the brachiosaurus was an herbivore.  It liked the leaves of my plant.

Grandma thought it was funny that Amelia likes to read in all kinds of interesting positions.  I used to do the same thing when I was a kid.

On Wednesday, Mom and I took Megan to see the spring flower show at Olbrich Botanic Garden.  Dad stayed home with Nathaniel so that he (Nathaniel) could take a good nap.  We had a really nice time looking at all the flowers and the Peter Rabbit scenes that had been hidden amongst the plants.

Megan really liked finding all the flowers on her identification guide, she would find the picture of the flower, and then Grandma would tell her the name.  Megan found every flower that was on the identification guide, and even a few extras like a sunflower.

Mom especially liked how a lot of the little animal scenes were set up in hollow logs or on top of stumps or roots.

Megan chose her favorite spot in the show so that I could take a picture of her and Grandma together, and I was not surprised when she picked this are that had a lot of different kinds of purple flowers.

It was nice enough outside so that we could walk around for a while, even though we hadn't brought coats.  Megan was dismayed to find that the water had been drained out of the black ripple pond by the curly weeping willow, which is the girls' favorite place in the entire garden.  We've never been there in the winter, so we've never seen it completely barren.

We did see two signs of spring though, these early blooming snowdrop flowers and a chickadee.

It was interesting to see what the waterfalls look like with no water in them (thankfully Megan did NOT fall in), and this is maybe the first time that we've been able to see the water in the big pond, since it is usually covered in green growing stuff.  Then we started to get cold and had to head back home to pick Amelia up from school.

Nathaniel slept most of the time that we were gone, and Dad even managed to successfully change his diaper when he woke up.  Nathaniel loved to play peekaboo with Grandpa, and even learned how to say Bapa (Grandpa) this past week.

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