Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

To celebrate Pi Day of the century, I made Amelia this shirt using a free pattern and a freezer paper stencil.  Well, I actually made the shirt for Megan, but she refused to wear it this morning, since she had already put on her Elsa dress and didn't want to change clothes.  So Amelia said she would wear it for me, since it was her two favorite colors.  I was pleasantly surprised that it fit her!

The girls wanted to make a Thin Mint pie to celebrate, so I found this very easy recipe that uses an entire box of Thin Mints along with chocolate pudding and Cool Whip.  Good thing we have a lot of Girl Scout cookies in our house.  After Megan ate her slice of pie tonight, she said that Pi Day is her favorite holiday!

So what else did we do to celebrate Pi Day?  Well, it was 56 degrees outside, so we went to the park.  On our way, we spotted what I believe were two sandhill cranes looking for food in one of the retention ponds nearby.  We saw them pulling things out of the pond and throwing them into the air.  And we got to hear their trumpeting call as they were flying away.  It was pretty cool, at least when you're used to seeing only Canadian geese this time of year.

Then we went to one of the new parks nearby; it has a lot of spinny things that the girls love.  Amelia and her friend call these the Dizzymaker 2 and the Dizzymaker 1000.

Nathaniel enjoyed his first experience at a big park.  He figured out how to crawl up the steps of the medium sized slide and then go down it all by himself.  He really liked it when Megan went down with him, too.

And of course he got to swing in the baby swings, which he loves.  It was really windy today, though, so he didn't last too long at the park.  He liked swinging with Megan.

 Megan tried out some of the high climbing things today.  She was a little nervous, but she did great!

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  1. I love your shirt idea! How creative! Glad that you got at least one child to wear it, after all your efforts. :)