Friday, December 20, 2013

December Miscellany

I think Megan has inherited Amelia's keen fashion sense:

That's right, she's wearing a red Snow White shirt with a pink skirt, purple leggings, Rudolph socks and to top it all off, a green flower barrette.  Amelia is wearing a shirt with little hearts, a jumper with little flowers, and tights with little stripes.  All in different colors.  I am just really excited that they get dressed all by themselves, and Amelia even helps Megan get her arms in her shirt.

Here is how the girls eat breakfast every morning:

Yes, they build forts with the cereal boxes.  Oh, and I told them they could pick out a treat at Costco the last time they went with me, and they asked for "Uncle Dan cereal", which is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

We finally got some snow that stuck around on Monday - it has been too cold the last few weeks for snow!  It started snowing right before we left to pick up Amelia from school, and by the time we got home, there was an inch or two on the ground.  I let the girls play outside by themselves (!) while I stayed inside with the baby.  They figured out that they could sled down our front walkway, which is not a very steep hill at all, but steep enough for two little girls to have fun, I guess!  Thankfully, they stop before the sled runs into the street.


Poor Megan tripped over the stool in the bathroom on Sunday and split her chin on the bathtub.  When I took her to Urgent Care, they said she needed stitches, that the cut was too wide for glue.  She was very brave while she got her two stitches and didn't cry or fuss at all.  The doctor told me afterwards that she was a very unusual child because she was so well-behaved!  Megan is so stubborn and opinionated at home that I sometimes forget that she really is a nice, well-behaved child for the most part, so it is very nice to have a reminder of that.  We go to the doctor tomorrow to get the stitches out.  Then she and Amelia were goofing off in the living room on Tuesday and she ran into Dad's leg and now has a big purple bruise across the upper part of her nose.  The poor kid has had a hard week with facial injuries!

Nathaniel has been sleeping great at night (a 7 hour stretch last night!), but has become reluctant to sleep in his crib during the day.  He much prefers to sleep while being held, which is lovely and snuggly, but means I can't get very much done like playing My Little Ponies with Megan.  I am working on training him to sleep in his crib, but I fear it will be slow going.  He is showing interest in batting at toys in the bouncy seat and making the big red apple chime. 

He is also consistently rolling from his tummy to his back when his arms are under his head during tummy time, and Dad even saw him roll over today after his arms had been at his sides.  So I think he is legitimately rolling over!  Plus, he is starting to smile more when he is awake.  You can see the start of a smile in this photo:

Guess who else likes the bouncy seat?

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  1. I didn't know Megan needed stitches. Poor girl! I'm amazed that one of your kids needed stitches before one of mine!

    Your girls have the best fashion sense!