Thursday, December 19, 2013

Going to see Santa

Santa came to the coffee shop in our neighborhood over the weekend, so I took the kids there to see Santa for free.  Amelia and Megan were so excited to see Santa this year, and Amelia was even happy to sit on his lap.  Megan was content to sit with Mrs. Claus, who was super nice and did most of the talking (isn't that so stereotypical?)  They both said they had been very good this year, which is mostly true.  :)  Amelia asked for a rainbow unicorn dreamlite, since she really likes the butterfly dreamlite that Aunt B gave to Megan last year.  Megan asked for three My Little Ponies: Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie.  Or possibly Rainbow Dash.  I guess I should check with her to make sure Santa gets the right ponies!

We have had some beautiful sunrises this past week.  I was getting ready in the morning (at 7:20) and noticed that the light coming in through the blinds looked pink, so I peaked out the window and then ran to the front door to see this:

I didn't adjust the colors at all - this is what it really looked like.  I think it was the most spectacular sunrise I've ever seen (although, to be fair, I have slept through an awful lot of sunrises....)  We had another beautiful sunrise on Wednesday when Dad was here, but the photos of that one didn't turn out quite as impressive.

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  1. You got great Santa pictures! That purple dress looks so nice on Amelia! They will all look so nice together on Christmas because Natalie's dress is red.