Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nathaniel is one month old!

In addition to today being the shortest day of the year (thank goodness), it is also Nathaniel's one month birthday!  Nathaniel enjoyed some tummy time this morning.  I had to act fast to get that tummy time photo, because he likes to roll over as soon as I put him down.

And look, is he about to smile?

Nope, looks like he's just getting fussy.

Oh, and did he finally fall asleep?

Nope, looks like he was getting fussy again!

Megan especially loves to interact with Nathaniel.  Today she wanted to help burp him:

And then she wanted to make a Megan sandwich.  Nathaniel was pretty blase about about being in a sandwich, but Megan thought it was hilarious!

Nathaniel is generally a pretty easy baby, and at one month, doesn't that generally relate to sleeping? We've been getting him to bed around 9 at night, and he generally will sleep until around 2am.  Then he'll wake up again around 5 or 5:30, and then again around 8.  After nursing, he's generally pretty easy to get back to sleep in the middle of the night.  During the day, however, he has been resisting sleeping in his crib.  I'll get him to sleep, then lay him down, and he'll sleep for 5 minutes and then wake up screaming.  I started using white noise (actually a soft rain sound) and that seems to help a lot.  But of course, he would still rather sleep while being held or carried.

He is smiling a little now, and holding his head up somewhat.  He has longer awake periods (maybe 1.5 hours) where he loves to look at his sisters.  He will turn his head to their voices sometimes.  He bats at toys, especially the Happy Apple, and resists tummy time by rolling over. 

And that's Nathaniel, in a nutshell!