Monday, December 23, 2013

More Snow!

The girls were THRILLED to get more snow yesterday!  Amelia took a ruler outside and measured a total of 9" of snow on the ground, but it was light and powdery and drifted around a lot, so it was very hard to get an accurate measurement.  When we walked across the backyards to get to the neighbor's sledding hill, I had to pull Megan in the sled because the snow was too deep for her to easily walk.  It was up to her mid-thigh.  They tried to sled down our front walkway, but the snow was too deep for them to get a good track going.

They had a lot of fun anyway!

Then they had fun climbing and sliding down the snowdrift along the street.  They had a hard time getting back up it because it was so deep!

Of course, their favorite part of a new snowstorm?  Eating the snow!

They went outside again this afternoon, but they only lasted 10 minutes because it was only 7° outside and they got cold!  

I realized we didn't have a good photo of Ben with Nate, so I took a few this afternoon when Nate was happy.  Isn't this cute?

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