Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

We've all enjoyed our lazy pajama-wearing movie-watching day today!  The girls are currently watching Toy Story 2:

We've also watched Madagascar, Planes, Cinderella, Monsters University and Shrek 2.  Amelia and Megan both say that their favorite movie has been Madagascar, which they didn't want to watch at first.  They wanted Tinkerbell again, but I told them we needed to watch something new.  And look at that - they tried something new and they liked it!  Guess Mommy's pretty smart after all.

Here they are watching Madagascar, during the funny parts:

 and during the silly parts:

Nathaniel has been a great sleeper today; well, great for his age, at least.  He will be six weeks old tomorrow.  He fell asleep last night around 8:45, was up from 1:30 to 2am, then again from 6 to 6:30am, then woke up for good around 9:30am.  He has taken two very good naps today, also, with very little struggle to get him to fall and stay asleep.  He has also enjoyed some snuggle time and some play time.  He has been socially smiling a fair amount the last few days, it's so cute!

Edited on January 2nd to add: He slept great last night, too!  Fell asleep for good around 8:30pm, and didn't wake up until 3am!  Then fell asleep around 3:30 and slept until 7.  It was so nice to have a little bit of time to myself last night, and then get a good night sleep. 

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