Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mostly Successful....

Well, both girls got to school on time and picked up on time, and everybody was fed and clothed appropriately.  And there were no big temper tantrums by any of the girls in the house.  And I got Nathaniel to sleep around 7 tonight, after trying for only 40 minutes.  So that's all good.  Megan had fun working on the United States puzzle before lunch today, although she wasn't sure she wanted her picture taken.  She did it almost entirely by herself, and knew the names of a surprising amount of states!

But Nathaniel took only one nap in his crib today; admittedly, it was a very nice 3 hour long nap.  I spent a long time trying to get him to sleep after coming home from taking Megan to preschool, and then when he wouldn't fall asleep, I let him cry.  And scream.  And then I got him up so that we could go pick Megan up.  Until he learns to fall asleep more quickly, driving to and from preschool is really going to mess up his naps (and make both him and I crabby).

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