Saturday, January 18, 2014

A snowy Saturday

Today is yet another cold and snowy Saturday, one of many cold and snowy days this already very long winter.  So once again, we are stuck inside.  Thankfully, the girls are great at entertaining themselves by playing with all their toys.  And the baby's toys.  And the contents of our recycling bin. 

Here the girls are trying to fit into our baby Bumbo seat:

And Megan decided to try to eat the Happy Apple:

Then Amelia built an ice cream machine.  According to Amelia, the ice cream is stored in the milk bottle on the far right side of the photo, then is blown with a fan up into the horizontal tubes, then travels through the tubes into the clear plastic container, where it is mixed together.  Then it is pumped into the next plastic tube, where it is dispensed into the tin can and poured into the plastic scoop, which is then tipped over into the plastic cup underneath. 

Here Amelia is dispensing ice cream for Megan.

Amelia is explaining what flavors of ice cream she can make, and Megan is eating a strawberry-banana swirl cone:

Nathaniel is wishing that he could eat some ice cream!

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