Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tomorrow is another day...

... thankfully!  Today was not such a good day.  And it's not over yet, as I just heard Nathaniel start screaming again, after I spent the last hour and a half trying to calm him down when he's supposed to be going to bed.

 Look, there's Nathaniel screaming when he was supposed to be napping!

And there's Nathaniel screaming after his soothing, calming bath!

 Well, perhaps he'll calm down and fall asleep whilst snuggled in Mommy's arms?  Nope!

Maybe he'll be happier after he's had his diaper changed?  Wrong again!

Perhaps he'll calm down when he's in his carseat?  Oh, no, guess not!

Well, at least Amelia and Megan had happy days today, right?  NO!  You would be wrong again!

Here's Amelia fussing after I put a band-aid over her mouth as a consequence for talking to me impolitely.  (It was only on for the time it took to change Nathaniel's diaper, and I hope it delivered the message, because she really hated it!)

And here's Megan crying under her bed because she's upset that I "did a mean thing to Amelia" by putting a bandaid over her mouth.

I will adapt a line from Casino Royale and just say, oddly, their feelings mimic my own.


  1. Sorry it was a crabby/crappy day. Tomorrow will be better! Go to bed early.

  2. I'd take a Band-aid over my mouth over getting it washed out with Ivory soap anyday! Hope today goes better.