Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh, the weather outside is....


Our official low temperature today was -18°F with a windchill of -46°F.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be a balmy low of -13°; thank goodness school is cancelled again!  Our weather station stops reporting the windchill once it gets below -40°F, which I thought was pretty funny, so this is the coldest that I managed to capture:

We spent the entire day indoors, although I did make the girls stick their arms outside to feel how cold it was.  They were not amused!  Don't worry, we had the door open just long enough to feel the cold and snap a photo, and then we shut it again.  Although when I dragged the Christmas tree to the curb in the afternoon, I was surprised that a windchill of -40 didn't feel nearly as cold as I thought it would.  As Brian said, it wasn't cold enough to freeze my eyeballs.  But when the girls asked if they could play in the snow, I said no.  I am so mean.

The girls played dressup Cinderella for a while this morning.  I have to be the prince (and the clock) and when it is midnight, they run out of the living room, leaving a shoe behind.  Then I have to take the shoes into their room and drop them on the floor to accidentally "break" them, whereupon they each produce their other shoe and I pronounce them each my darling Cinderella.

This game lasted until Megan started hitting Amelia because Amelia took her fairy wand, and I told Megan she had to sit in the uncooperative chair (an idea we stole from Julius, the Baby of the World).  After she apologized to Amelia, I told her she needed to wash the kitchen floor as her consequence.  Then I realized how perfect that was, since she was still dressed as Cinderella.  Clearly, I was channeling the wicked stepmother!

Nate was being a cooperative baby this afternoon (he slept very well last night - 9 hours - and took a good nap this afternoon) and so I took a few photos of his funny faces.  He does smile, but not on command, so I mostly captured his serious and suspicious faces.

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  1. When Jonathan has those faces they are usually directed towards Abigail who is running around singing and dancing.