Sunday, January 12, 2014

Amusing Ourselves Indoors

Megan and I had fun playing Uno on Thursday Amelia was at school, although Megan doesn't exactly play by the rules.  The penguins had fun playing, too.

We also made some breakfast cookies together, and packaged them up in Pringles cans decorated like snowmen to give to the girls' teachers on the first day back at school.  Thanks for saving Pringles cans for us, Jeff and Jane!  We made three different kinds of cookies, and everyone liked the ones with the chocolate chips the best.

Amelia tried to convince Megan to wear underpants on her head again, but Megan wasn't interested.

They used blankets to create a fort under the dining room table, but I only managed to get silly pictures of them on top of the fort.

Amelia has made it her mission to try to get Nathaniel to smile at her, and he was very obliging after nap time this afternoon.  He really smiles a lot when he hears the girls talking to him.  Amelia tried to entertain him during tummy time, but he persists in rolling over as soon as he can.

I suggested that Ben get out the wii and see if the girls would be interested in playing with him.  They really like a game where they can fly a plane around an island, although Megan primarily flies upside down and delights in stalling and crashing into the ocean.  Amelia also likes bowling, and Megan likes fencing.  In fact, on Thursday evening, she ran up to Ben as soon as he got home to see if she would sword fight with him.  Ben lets her win about half the time.

They tried to build a lego trebuchet this afternoon, but didn't have enough regular bricks to build the supports.  So Ben got out his wooden trebuchet, and flung marshmallows at the girls.  They had a lot of fun!

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