Thursday, January 30, 2014

What the girls have been up to

School was canceled again on Monday and Tuesday for bitterly cold temperatures and windchills, and the girls were thrilled to have more time to play together.  They decided they wanted to paint their own nails.  They chose very light colors like glow-in-the-dark and clear sparkles for their fingernails, thankfully.  But they chose bright pink, blue and purple for their toenails.  Amelia did a pretty good job staying on the nails; Megan, not so much.  I had to use quite a lot of nail polish remover to get the nail polish off their fingers, toes, elbows, wrists, the bottom of their feet, and the floor.  Plus, two of Megan's toes were stuck together with nail polish.  But it was all clean-up-able, and they are so proud that they did it all by themselves.

Amelia talked on the phone to Natalie; apparently Natalie asked her what she was doing in school, and Amelia said "I'm not in school now".  She's very literal. 

There was one day this weekend that was in the low 20s, so the girls decided that was warm enough to play outside.  It was pretty windy (windchill around 5), so they only lasted about 15 minutes.  I made them stay on the back porch where I could watch them from inside; I'm a little paranoid after the creepy guys in the red truck scare we had two weeks ago.  Their favorites?  Eating snow, of course.  And they also enjoyed throwing big armfuls of snow up in the air to make it snow on them.


When they came inside, they needed hot chocolate. of course!

Isn't it interesting how different their eyes are?

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  1. Wow! Their toes are really bright and colorful! Glad you had paper towels under their feet!

    I love the picture of Amelia laying in the snow eating it.