Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nathaniel is two months old!

Nathaniel is still a pretty easy baby, and he's been sleeping really well the last few days. I've been getting him to bed around 6:30 or 7 at night, and he will either wake up around 3am or sleep all the way until 6:30am.  After nursing, he's generally pretty easy to get back to sleep in the middle of the night.

I've seen a big improvement in his daytime sleeping in the last few days, too.  I've been able to lay him down partly awake, and he will sometimes put himself to sleep.  And he took a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon, and is heading towards a 2 hour nap this morning.  He is much happier when he takes good naps, Megan is happy to have some undivided attention, and my back is happy to be able to put him down for a little bit.

He will sleep in his carseat, too, and one day he even stayed asleep after I brought the carseat inside!

He is smiling a lot now, and holding his head up really well.  We've been able to put him in the Bumbo seat for a short period of time.  He's not so fond of it, but that's because he really likes to be held, and would prefer not to be put down at all.

He was not so thrilled to get a piggyback ride from Daddy:

But he loves to be held upright so he can practice his standing.

He enjoyed all the attention when Mom and Dad came to visit last week.

He loves his sisters, although you can't tell from this photo!  He especially loves when they talk to him and show him his toys.  Megan is especially enthusiastic about giving him hugs and kisses, and Amelia likes to read him books.

We encourage him to do some tummy time, and he is getting better at holding himself up:

But he still likes to roll over as soon as you put him down.  He has rolled over to both sides from tummy to back, but is nowhere near rolling over back to front, thankfully!

"Oh ho!" says Nathaniel with a mischievous glint in his eye.  "You think you'll roll me back over to my tummy again?"

"I think not!" he exclaims.

He tends to look to the right, so the doctor told me that we have to encourage him to look to the left as much as possible, so his head doesn't get any flatter.  He doesn't really like to do that, so I have to hold his head down to the left while pressing his shoulder to the floor to stretch out his neck muscles.  He doesn't like that, either.

 He's just started blowing bubbles:

And you may notice that he is wearing real clothes in these last few photos.  I dressed him in a onesie, pants, and a fleece hoodie specially today, so that I could say he does in fact wear real clothes sometimes.  But now I'm going back to sleepers, because those zippers are so much easier than pulling a onesie over his head (and he's already growing out of this 3 month onesie).  Amelia and Megan picked out the hoodie; it says "Mom's Tiny Monster".  They love the three eyes!

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  1. You got really good pictures of Nathaniel! I like seeing him at various times of the day.

    What do you girls have on their heads in the picture with Nathaniel?