Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Amelia's 7th Birthday

Amelia had a fantastic day on her birthday this year.  Ben took the afternoon off work, and we all went to school to eat lunch with her.  She was excited to sit next to some of her best friends, and she was also happy that I had made her seven 7-shaped pancakes for lunch.  Instead of bringing treats for her entire class, Amelia chose to have extra recess for her classmates instead.  It was a beautiful day, so I'm sure her class enjoyed the chance to have the playground all to themselves for 20 minutes that afternoon.

Unbeknownst to Amelia, she received a special Red Carpet Award during the all-school assembly in the afternoon.  We all went to school to watch her get her award.  She was so excited!  Her really good neighbor friend Aiden shares her birthday and also got a Red Carpet Award, so it was a very special day for the birthday girls.

She got to pick what we were going to have for dinner, and for the first time ever, she chose to go out to eat.  So she had cheesy bread at Rocky Roccoco's and then frozen yogurt with toppings at Orange Leaf.  It was quite a change from the pancakes and watermelon that she has been requesting for her birthday dinner for the last five years.

She didn't get a lot of presents on her actual birthday, but I gave her the kitty necklace and bracelet that she had seen at the store a few weeks before and really wanted to buy.  She was impressed that I had been able to sneakily buy it for her while she was with me at the store.  Megan gave her a locket necklace, and I also gave her a charm bracelet (in the last two weeks, she's received a cupcake charm for her birthday, a cat charm for her birthday party, and a soccer ball charm to celebrate her last soccer game.)  Plus she got two packages in the mail; a circuit board game thing from Uncle David's family (which Megan was really excited about) and a penguin DreamLite from Aunt Anna's family (which she was thrilled about because her old DreamLite had broken recently and we had to throw it out).  She has slept with her new DreamLite every night since her birthday.

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