Friday, June 12, 2015

First Time in the Sprinkler

I got the sprinkler out on Tuesday because it got up to 90 - too hot!  The girls were so excited to play in the water, and Nathaniel was excited to try to drink it.  He did not like it when the water went up his nose, though.

At one point, I turned the water down to move the sprinkler to a new spot, and Nathaniel got stuck inside the circle when I turned the water back up.  He was not happy and couldn't figure out how to get out again.  Amelia had to rescue him.

The girls loved to jump over the water when it was relatively low:

But when I turned it up higher, they wanted me to get their swimming goggles:

Nathaniel has also discovered that he likes the sand box:

Megan will get in the sand box to play with him, but she gets upset when he tries to take toys away from her.  In the picture below, Megan is making a cake in the blue bucket, and the cake is decorated with a bridge, a shovel and a torpedo (!).  Nathaniel kept grabbing the torpedo out of the cake, making Megan mad.  After Nathaniel emptied the bucket of dry sand all onto his lap, he decided that he wasn't too fond of covering himself in sand, so we had to brush it all off.  He especially dislikes having his feet buried in sand, but he loves to scoop the sand into a bucket.

It started raining about an hour after this sandbox picture, and the girls were hopeful that we would see a rainbow.  When we first looked out the front door, we didn't see one, but just a minute later the sun came out full force, and when we looked again, there was a beautiful full rainbow.  And then it turned into a double rainbow.  It was the most beautiful rainbow I've seen (or at least, that I remember seeing).

The girls were ecstatic, and kept running around the front yard (and later, the median) singing a song about how awesome rainbows are.

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