Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Rainy Day

We were planning on going hiking at Devil's Lake today, but the forecast didn't look very good, so we stayed home instead.  It rained pretty heavily for a little while this afternoon, and afterwards the girls wanted to go play outside.  They put on galoshes and raincoats and headed out to find some puddles to splash in.  Sadly for them, our neighborhood is well-drained and the only puddle we could find was a little one on the walking path near the pond (the same one they jumped in two and a half years ago). 

After the first big jump, Megan started complaining that she was getting wet, and so she refused to jump anymore.  But then Amelia accidentally invented a new game, called kick-your-boot-off:

We had no idea Amelia's boot was about to fly off, and I just happened to be taking a photo of Megan at exactly the right moment.  Anyway, the girls thought that was hilarious, and spent the next 30 minutes kicking their boots off all over the place.

They were laughing like loons, so I thought maybe I could get some photos of their genuinely happy faces, not the goofy faces they like to make when I take the camera out.

I made them do some running, hopping, skipping and galloping races to try and burn off some of their craziness.  I'm not sure it worked, because they would revert back to the boot-kicking game as soon as they had a break from running.  But, oh, we had a fun time!

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