Thursday, June 11, 2015

Amelia's Last Day of First Grade

Amelia has been sad all week because school is ending - she says she is going to miss her teacher a lot, and that she will miss her classmates Gia and Aubrey who are moving to different nieghborhoods over the summer.  It is very sad for her that her two best friends won't be at her school next year.  I tried to take a photo of her sad face before school (because it was supposed to be thunderstorming when we picked her up), but she told me that her face wouldn't be really sad until school was out.

As Amelia had predicted, she was crying when we picked her up after school was out.  She gave her teacher a big hug, then gave her another hug while I took a photo, and then started crying again.  In fact, she cried so much that she made Miss Setze tear up, too!  Then we tried to leave the cafeteria, and she ran back to give her teacher another hug.

When we finally left, both she and Megan were crying, because they both wanted to hold the umbrella all by themselves.  It was not a very happy start to the summer.  After a little quiet reading time, a delicious lunch of Grandma's applesauce and toast made with Grandpa's good white bread, and a movie and popcorn afternoon, she seems to have cheered up a little. 

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