Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baking Cookies

We signed up to bring cookies to the preschool picnic on Thursday, and since Grandma and Grandpa were here, we decided to make Merschon's sugar cookies.  Both girls wanted to help, of course!

Amelia needed some help rolling out the dough, but she could cut the cookies out by herself and put them on the cookie sheets:

Megan liked to cut out the cookies and poke them to get them out of the cookie cutters, but of course she needed lots of help from Grandma:

Amelia got messy, of course!

But Megan didn't, although she did sneak some raw cookie dough off the table when nobody was paying attention.

 We decorated them with icing and sugar, and we have all kinds of funny color combinations, like purple strawberries and blue moons.  Amelia tried frosting a few cookies herself, but mostly she liked to put the sugar on.  Grandpa said that he liked to sit next to Amelia, because he got to eat all the ones that she broke when she was trying to ice them.  :) 

Hopefully our friends at preschool will like our cookies.

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