Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farmer's Market

The girls and I went to the Madison farmer's market today for the first time this season.  We bought lettuce, sugar snap peas, strawberries, cheese bread, popcorn, maple syrup and spinach (for our upcoming Marcie, David and Sometimes Becky's Weekly Food Challenge, hereafter known as MDaSBWFC).  I could not find daikon (also for MDaSBWFC), maybe it isn't daikon season?  Or maybe no one in Wisconsin eats it?

Along with the sugar snap peas and strawberries that we munched on, we shared a cinnamon apricot scone as a special treat:

And the girls ran around on the capital lawn and played hide and seek around a great big tree.  They have so much fun playing together now!

Their favorite part of the farmer's market today was seeing the people on stilts who were handing out flyers for the Madison Historical Museum:

Amelia and Megan were so entranced by them that we had to follow them around a quarter of the square so we could keep watching them walk.  It started drizzling as we were leaving, so I let the girls hold my little umbrella.  They both wanted to hold it, so I told them they had to share:

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